Launching #ukmeded chat!

ImageIt’s been well over a year since our last UK #meded chat and we decided it was time to start things going again. Lots of great people involved in medical education have became active on Twitter in the last year and we are sure that there are very many interesting conversations to be had!

In the past we’ve used the #meded tag for our chat. There is still a N American chat which happens at 9pm EST on Thursdays too. But we’ve decided to trial using our own UK tag for a while. In the past I have been worried about fragmenting a not very large community, but I can see the point of those who think that at least for the chat itself a distinct tag might be useful.

We have always kept these discussions quite informal. We thought that for our first session we would discuss how to get the most out of clinical attachments/placements. This was a topic that we covered last year too and it will be interesting to see what comes to the fore this time.

To date all of our experiences in leading this chat have been very positive. We thought it would be good practice though to make sure that participants were aware of the public nature of the tweets, and the fact that using the hashtag may increase the visibility of tweets. We therefore urge you to read over this declaration and let us know if you have any concerns.

Pleae join us tomorrow night as we start our journey again and remember to have fun!




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