TASME #ukmeded Chat

On Thursday 1st November at 9pm TASME will be hosting #UKmeded chat on twitter.

For those that don’t know, TASME (Trainees in the Association for the Study of Medical Education) is a Special Interest Group of ASME (Association for the Study of Medical Education) that aims to support trainee involvement in teaching. More information can be found on the website here.

The broad topic for discussion will be ‘the role of trainees in medical education’ but as well as trainees, we welcome input from a range of healthcare professionals at all levels. Are you a medical student who struggles to get teaching from trainees that are often too busy? Perhaps you are a trainee who is keen to get involved in med ed but doesn’t know to start? Maybe you’re a consultant that thinks trainees lack the experience required to teach effectively.

Some of the questions we’d like to answer during the twitter chat are:

  • Do trainees make good teachers? Why?
  • Why do trainees teach?
  • Should all trainees be required to teach?
  • Should we assess trainees as teachers? How?
  • How can we recognise trainees as teachers? Teaching portfolios?
  • Is it time for a CCT in medical education?

I hope it will be an interesting discussion, please get involved using the #ukmeded tag. If you have any immediate thoughts on any of the above questions, why not leave a comment.

Finally, thank you to @amcunningham and @nlafferty for allowing us the opportunity to host #UKmeded this week.

@drdlittle – Co-chair of TASME

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    An excellent opportunity to share ideas with #meded enthusiasts

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