#ukmeded chat 24/1/2013 So what about assessment?

Image : arbeidsplass by Camilla Hoel

You will often hear it said, especially in medical education, that ‘assessment drives learning’? But is that really true? As an undergraduate do you feel that your assessments are preparing you to be a doctor? And if you are qualified how do you feel about your assessments as an undergrad as you look back? We could ask the same questions about postgrad assessments too.

We could have several chat sessions on this topic- which if you ever go to a medical education conference you will see is a very popular topic! But tonight it would be interesting just to start with thinking about how you feel about assessment generally. Is there too much? Too little? Looking at the wrong things? And what are the things that medical schools can do to help you gain most from assessment?

As always have a read at our declaration around archiving which is here

PS 5 bonus points if you can find who first said that ‘assessment drives learning’.

  1. ALiEM – Academic Life in Emergency Medicine – Does assessment drive learning?

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