Responsible electives – #ukmeded Twitter chat Thurs 9 Oct at 9pm

This evening’s UKmeded Twitter chat is looking at electives. All agree electives can be fantastic – great learning, adventure, eye opening. But we also know they can be risky and sometimes dodgy on many levels. There is a move to try and improve them, especially for those in resource poor settings. Dundee Medical School is building a system of responsible electives and we are interested in views from the UKMedEd community about this. We have been granted an award that is being used to offer £500 bursaries to students from UK/Eire who wish to support this cause.  More details are on the website but 2 are available this month. The questions we’ll be asking/answering during the chat will emanate from the theme Electives in Resource Poor settings. Specific questions we’ll look at will include:

  • Should electives in resource poor be about more than clinical skills, and maybe specifically include promoting a sense of responsibility to help tackle health inequalities.
  • If so, how can educators help change students mind-set.
  • How can students prepare better for their elective, especially when planning to go to developing countries
  • Can electives nurture a commitment for students and (academics) to engage more in global health activities
  • Can Electives in resource poor settings be managed in a Fair Trade¹ way, perhaps?

Look forward to discussing these issues in tonight chat at 9.00pm UK time.


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