#UKMedEd chat 6 Nov: GMC State of Medical Education and Practice report 2014

This week’s #ukmeded chat will be discussing the GMC State of Medical Education and Practice Report 2014 and will be led by Rajiv Sethi a Year 4 MBBS student from King’s College London.

With the recent publication of the GMC State of Medical Education and Practice report 2014 ( #stateofmed ) we hope that chat will provide an insight into the views from across #ukmeded regarding optimal preparation for practice for medical students entering the foundation programme. Key points from the report include variation between medical school graduates with regard to how prepared they feel for Foundation year 1, ranging from 65% to 85% at UK medical schools. The report also highlights foundation doctor concerns on prescribing properly and communicating with patients. Our next #ukmeded chat will focus on the preparation for practice theme and the below questions:

How does your medical school prepare medical students for practice?

In light of the GMC report, are there any plans to change this or introduce new areas? E.g. focus on prescribing

How can we improve the medical student to junior doctor transition?

Do you think the timing of finals affects how prepared for practice graduates feel? Would earlier assessments for medical students lead to a better perception of their preparation for practice?

We hope you can join us at 9pm on Thursday 6 November.




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