Inaugural #ukhped chat…. what models of communication do we use?

At 9pm on Thursday 11th December Janet Foland, an occupational therapist, and myself (a GP) will be leading a chat about the different models of communication that we use in our professions. I’d initially suggested this because I thought that all health professions value communication and that it would therefore be interesting to see if we talked and taught about it in different ways. Straight away Janet replied with a tweet which straight away showed that this topic would work.

I asked Janet if she would co-lead the discussion with me.

As background in medical education, the Calgary-Cambridge model has been quite dominant in the last decade or so. And t looks as if it has spread into other professions. It is very instrumental compared to that Taylor’s Intentional relationship model which Janet linked to. in 2012 the Health Foundation published a wonderful paper on the need for a new model of the consultation. It’s a great read if you can find the time.

Later we will start by asking three questions-

1. What models of communication are common in your profession?

2. How are these taught and discussed with learners?

3. What can we learn from other professions about communication?

Please do join us if you can and make history!

  1. #1 by amltaylor66 on December 11, 2014 - 10:50 pm

    As I scrolled down my twitter feed earlier today I just ‘happened’ which is often the way with Twitter, to notice the hashtag and topic for this evenings #ukhped chat; I mainly noticed it because it was on the feed of a colleague who posts interesting tweets on a regular basis. I decided that some other colleagues with similar interests might wish to engage and copied them in to this tweet……..

    “AnneMarie Cunningham ‏@amcunningham
    At 9pm #ukhped chat about how different health professions talk about communication. Please join us (and RT this!)

    It was actually one of the colleagues that I had copied in who tweeted a reminder tweet….

    ” @colleen_young ‘Starting now #ukhped chat – how different health professions talk about communication via @AMLTaylor66 @amcunningham”

    I didn’t actually mean to get involved but found the sharing to be so reflexive that I am now really glad that I did. One hour later I am reading more new research, am still semi – involved with the chat that ended 45mins ago and am connected with more fabulously knowledgeable colleagues across health and social care

    Thank you for hosting and looking forward to some further discussions


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