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15th May – #ukmeded chat with Anya de Iongh

Thursday 15th May 2014

9pm #ukmeded with Anya de Iongh (@anyadei)

It is great to have the opportunity to co-create a Twitter chat with the #ukmeded team combining my two passions – medical education and patient involvement!

The theme for this #ukmeded chat is patient involvement – an opportunity for patients, professionals and students to explore together the potential of patients within medical and healthcare education.

The value of patients as teachers has been long known (Osler mentions it in 1904: “For the junior student in medicine and surgery, it is a safe rule to have no teaching without a patient for a text, and the best teaching is that taught by the patient himself.”)

But the potential of patients in education extends beyond teaching, and even the role of patients in teaching can be modernised and further developed.

Some questions to think about….

What are the different roles that patients could have in education?

What does good patient involvement mean for patients, professionals and students?

What are the main barriers to good involvement, and how can these be overcome?

What do we (patients, professionals and students) need to do to promote and fulfil this potential of patient involvement?

As pre-reading, my recent blog on the ‘who, what, why, when, how, where?’ of PPI in meded might help warm you up for this chat…

Looking forward to tweeting with you on Thursday!

Anya de Iongh

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