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Feedback in Medical Education – #ukmeded Twitter chat 14-2-2013

No matter what we do or where we work we get feedback on our actions and behaviour. In (medical) education the feedback can make the difference between a successful career and failure to achieve our goals.

So this week we will share thoughts about feedback.  What works well. What does not work well. And how we learn the difference.

How feedback can be improved

I found three helpful links. One above from University of Edinburgh.  The second is a slideshow from University of Texas Paediatric department on Feedback and evaluation in medicine delivered in 2012. 2012-03-02 Providing and Receiving Feedback in Medicine (Glen Medellin, MD, Jean Petershack, MD)

The third is from JAMA in 1983 Feedback in Clinical Medicine

David Lewis

GP  Hertfordshire UK

Feb 2013


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23 June #meded chat transcript: Interprofessional education

Another lively #meded UK/EU time zone chat this week on interprofessional education (IPE).  Good again to see some new people joining the chat and to have contributions from nursing and pharmacy.  There was a bit of a feeling that tribalism can stand in the way of  effective IPE and some got very little out of it as a result of this.  Some also thought that IPE was more effective at postgraduate level than undergraduate.  Not everyone remembered having IPE as an undergraduate, those that had tended to enjoy it but hadn’t found it particularly useful.  Generally the feeling was that IPE was most successful when used in simulation settings.

@DrPlumEu has provided some helpful links on IPE which you might find interesting:

A literature review on IPE  by Jill Thistethwaite & Monica Moran,Learning outcomes for interprofessional education (IPE): Literature review and synthesis

The University of Western Ontario Office of Interprofessional Health Education & Research

Two Australian sites – ACT Health Values Exchange and ACT Government Health Information

London Deanery – resources on IPE and medical education generally

Thanks to everyone for contributing to the chat.  Next week we’ll be chatting about portfolios and competency.






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