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2nd June #meded chat transcript

Last night saw the first medical education twitter chats running under the #meded twitter hashtag.   Anne Marie Cunningham gives some helpful background to the first meded twitter chat over on her blog Wishful thinking in medical education.

Here’s the transcript of the first of the meded chats which ran between 21.00 and 22.00 hrs BST.  We weren’t sure how much interest there would be and we thought given the time we would largely attract tweeters from Europe.  In the event we had a great turn out for the first chat and whilst there was a large UK contingent we also had the Netherlands and Spain represented and a fair number from the US.  It was also great to see a good number of medical students engaging in the chat and expressing their views on lectures.

The main themes running through the chat session were

  • the use of Twitter in lectures for asking questions
  • do many students use laptops in lectures for note taking
  • do students use the discussion boards in Blackboard
  • what makes a good lecture.
The US and Canada had another meded chat at 02.00hrs BST, when us Europeans were tucked in bed.  Our colleagues across the Atlantic also had an interesting discussion and you catch up with their tweets in this googledoc.
There will be another meded chat on Twitter next Thursday at 21.00 hrs BST (20.00 GMT).  If you have suggestions of topics for future chats do leave a comment.  Look forward to chatting next week!

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